Day 6: Unfuck Troopers

My house full of guests has dwindled to a houseful of me.

And the mess.

Not shown: dining room and living room, also a mess.

And I got up at 9! I made my bed! I got dressed! (Wearing my Hipster!Maine shirt, which is a long sleeved, low cut long-john style thing with a plaid patch in the shape of the state of Maine on it because I LOVE MY STATE IT IS THE BEST ONE SHUT UP I WILL HEAR NO ARGUMENT. LOBSTER OWNED.)

And then, ADDGirl forgot she had two back-to-back Skype school visits this morning. Literally until the T-5 minutes ping.

Cue scrambling to get hair dry and coffee/meds inside mah body. The next one is in 30 minutes, and I haven’t had a chance to touch the kitchen yet. Arrrrgh.

Also must do today:

  • Fill out form for one of my students
  • Fill out form for being a guest at literary festival this fall
  • Read the things I should have read last week because I have to review them this week
  • Have student conference tonight at 9
  • Pack for NYC

If I can actually get all this squared away, I will be a GODDESS OF PIE AND GOLD STARS.

*wishes she had a goofy furry hat to hide under because the day head is TOO METAL FOR ME RIGHT NOW*

St. Ru, my moral adviser, is unimpressed by both my lack of hats and desire to hide.

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