Day 6: Fourth Quarter Unfucking

One form filled out, one unable to fill out because of random weird circumstances, emailed home office, asked for clarification. Did not pack. Will do tomorrow. Stuff read, student conference licked. Cleaned up after dinner, will now look through some knitting patterns for a project to take to NYC.

Day was stupid and backwards because I  had my head on backwards, still unfucked it.

PS Tumblr is weird and not user friendly in many ways. What is this primary blog shit, I ask you. Just because you auto-created some untitled blog when I signed up a year ago and couldn’t think of anything to do with Tumblr til now doesn’t mean I should only be able to ask questions and like things as that blog, and never ever be able to switch to the thing which actually is my primary blog or turn on replying on any blog but that sad empty shell of whatever that I don’t even use. Good lord, why even have sub-blogs then?

Also this theme is pretty but lacks functionality. It doesn’t even do italics. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE CAPS, YO.

Color me unim-fucking-pressed.


Day 6: Unfuck Troopers

My house full of guests has dwindled to a houseful of me.

And the mess.

Not shown: dining room and living room, also a mess.

And I got up at 9! I made my bed! I got dressed! (Wearing my Hipster!Maine shirt, which is a long sleeved, low cut long-john style thing with a plaid patch in the shape of the state of Maine on it because I LOVE MY STATE IT IS THE BEST ONE SHUT UP I WILL HEAR NO ARGUMENT. LOBSTER OWNED.)

And then, ADDGirl forgot she had two back-to-back Skype school visits this morning. Literally until the T-5 minutes ping.

Cue scrambling to get hair dry and coffee/meds inside mah body. The next one is in 30 minutes, and I haven’t had a chance to touch the kitchen yet. Arrrrgh.

Also must do today:

  • Fill out form for one of my students
  • Fill out form for being a guest at literary festival this fall
  • Read the things I should have read last week because I have to review them this week
  • Have student conference tonight at 9
  • Pack for NYC

If I can actually get all this squared away, I will be a GODDESS OF PIE AND GOLD STARS.

*wishes she had a goofy furry hat to hide under because the day head is TOO METAL FOR ME RIGHT NOW*

St. Ru, my moral adviser, is unimpressed by both my lack of hats and desire to hide.

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