Day 7/Week 2: The Unfucking of the Titans

I woke up BY MY OWN DAMN SELF at 7:30 this morning. MOST TRIUMPHANT.

Good thing, too, as I had an early talk at a super crazy posh private school.

I’m in New York all week!

So the unfucking, she is restricted to Brainspace, Work Habits, and Social Skillz. ALL COULD USE SIGNIFICANT SELF-WITCHERY.

The Self Witch arrives on a broom and teaches you DEMONOLOGY. The kind where you OLOGY your OWN DEMONS.

And then she organizes your files.

Anyway, I always feel a little Intrepid Girl Reporter when in New York, because I can HANDLE THE SUBWAYS LIKE WHATEVER and it’s all CITY BIG AND TALL and I have meetings and business lunches like a motherfucking TITAN OF INDUSTRYZ.

I installed a Week Planner app to keep my shit on the up and up for the week. I returned some emails and line edits, but other than that I’m in Out of Town mode, which is sort of a holding pattern of Get Things Done, Sleep, Eat, Move Onto Next Thing. I’m trying to enjoy myself more this trip—that would be a nice thing to unfuck! Actually Enjoy Travel Instead of Being Stressy Fun Ball!

Other than that, well, you know that thing where I’m irrationally afraid that my bank account balance will suddenly be zero point nothing? YEAH IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

I’m not going to get into what went tits-up—it’s ok, it went to pay for something that needed paying, we’ve taken care of it; it sucks and is scary but avoidable in the future, it wasn’t my main account, nor so much money that we’re really crazy hurt by it, but damn, MY HEART DID NOT NEED THAT FUCKERY.


Keep on unfucking while I’m gone! I love how so many of us are On This Trip together.



Day 6: Fourth Quarter Unfucking

One form filled out, one unable to fill out because of random weird circumstances, emailed home office, asked for clarification. Did not pack. Will do tomorrow. Stuff read, student conference licked. Cleaned up after dinner, will now look through some knitting patterns for a project to take to NYC.

Day was stupid and backwards because I  had my head on backwards, still unfucked it.

PS Tumblr is weird and not user friendly in many ways. What is this primary blog shit, I ask you. Just because you auto-created some untitled blog when I signed up a year ago and couldn’t think of anything to do with Tumblr til now doesn’t mean I should only be able to ask questions and like things as that blog, and never ever be able to switch to the thing which actually is my primary blog or turn on replying on any blog but that sad empty shell of whatever that I don’t even use. Good lord, why even have sub-blogs then?

Also this theme is pretty but lacks functionality. It doesn’t even do italics. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE CAPS, YO.

Color me unim-fucking-pressed.


Day 3/4: The Unfuckable Lightness of Being

So, I really didn’t get anything at all done yesterday. THE UNIVERSE WAS AGAINST ME.

We spent the night in New Hampshire and drove back with my singer friend and my cellist friend who are giving a concert at my house this very night. But that pretty much ate the whole day, what with snowstorms and drive time and getting them settled and dinner.

I was feeling kind of crappy about not getting my blog post up at my guest gig til this morning—but my laptop battery died in the car. I missed my conference date with one of my MFA students. I forgot my brush at home so I had weird hair all day.

I feel more or less ok about it, given that guests throw everything into turmoil. Not so great about the missed post/conference, but it was really unavoidable so I am attempting not to tell myself I LOSE AT LOSING and AM A LOSER.

Did not put out my clothes last night either, with the effect that I’m still wearing my Atari PJs at 1 pm (after having gotten the post finished and up). Wow, that has way more of an effect on my likelihood of getting dressed/feeling like Capable Girl than I thought!

Did make my bed. Did feed myself. Put in a load of laundry. Fed the chickens. Mood is kind of flat. Do more coffee to it?

Today I have to make food for the house concert and host. Also make myself look nice for it. Don’t have time to write (I said I could take weekends off though, so I am telling myself I am not allowed to be all APOSTATE! YOU ARE A LAZY SLATTERN! towards myself. Unfuck my Internal Monologue, Yo.)

What can I unfuck today? Email. Ok, email. I can return three emails that I’ve been putting off. That is a thing. That is a thing I can do.

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